Corporate Officers’ Liability insurance for financial institutions

Nexus Financial Lines can offer coverage of up to €5,000,000 on any type of liability risk for directors or corporate officers. Through our team of experienced underwriters, we offer our clients a high level of protection.

Managing a company is a highly complex task because laws, regulations and business practices are changing all the time.

The personal liability of directors and board members can be incurred by their actions when they manage and supervise their businesses, jeopardising their reputation, their freedom and their personal possessions.

We provide excellent rates of coverage and products in the following areas:

• Directors’ and corporate officers’ liability

• Old-age pensions

• Public offers

• Liability of financial institutions

• Corporate liability / recruitment practices

• Criminal offences

• Bankers’ Blanket Bond

• Computer crime

Nexus understands that you need to deliver high-quality products and services at all times. Our primary goal is to give our clients effective, concrete assistance, based on real risks, including continuous monitoring of your business activities as you grow and develop. Some of our products can be decentralised through the Nexus Portal, which offers competitive premiums, fast and efficient access to Nexus offers and services, and instant insurance policies.

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